UI/UX Designer for Nudge


Nudge is an individual-based planner that assists users to achieve their greatest ambition with scheduling recommendations and reflective journaling. Nudge strives to guide ambitious professionals to find time to work towards their goals while balancing between day-to-day work, reducing the time needed for planning their schedule, while increasing their chances of success.


The core problem the team is solving is to assist users to better use their time and eventually achieve their ambitions and goals. With the current core component being the recommendation algorithm that reminds and interactively involves us in the schedule planning, where we would score, integrate and then recommend tasks/ habits for users to pick. The team further dives into the problem and identifies a bigger problem that the team strives to solve in the medium term, which is the factor of human behaviour.


Nudge aims to solve this problem with a hybrid perspective combining technology and psychology, which would fundamentally alter human behavior by understanding what are the key factors that motivate users to work towards their goals. However, the way to incorporate psychology theories into our application and recommendation algorithm remains to be the biggest challenge. Not only do we have to understand what motivates people, what makes people lazy, and what keeps users away from distractions, the team also has to quantify qualitative factors into quantifiable inputs and improve the recommendation algorithm. 

The Product